Tink’s Feathered Friends Feeder

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  • One large plastic bottle
  • One 8–12 inch stick
  • Scissors
  • A nail
  • Twine, thin rope or wire
  • You can nurture nature by creating a beautiful bird feeder out of recycled plastic bottles! It’s easy to make and sure to be a hit!

    This adorable project was available in magazines during the release of Tinker Bell’s latest DVD and is great rainy day project.



    (Make sure to have an adult help you when using scissors, pins or any sharp metal objects)

    1. Cut two small “X” shaped openings on both sides of your bottle.
    2. Push your stick through one opening and out the other for perches.
    3. Cut out two small feeding holes about 2 inches above each perch.
    4. Punch a hole at one end of your bottle using your nail.
    5. Thread your string through the hole and tie off for hanging.
    6. Fill the bottle with bird seed or finely chopped nuts.
    7. Find a bird-friendly place to hang your feeding station.
    8. See how many birds come to visit!



    Now that you’ve made your bird feeder it’s time to decorate Pixie Hollow style! You can use paint, glue, leaves and moss to make your bird feeder look like it came right out of a fairy tale!

    Decorating Ideas

    • Cover the bottle in Moss
    • Add Leaves to the roof or base
    • Make designs, stars, or write words in Glitter glue
    • Make a fan of Craft Feathers on the roof
    • Wrap the whole bottle in twin or colorful string
    • Paint the bottle a fun color, then glue on gems or beads
    • Use puffy paint to add designs and stars
    • Cover the bottle in glue and roll it in colored sand, use shells for decorations
    • Paint the whole bottle in your favorite color (make sure to use paint that can get wet)

    Don’t forget to add some pixie dust!

    Note: Make sure the items you use can not be removed or eaten by the birds who use it.

    To view and download the original craft project PDF click here!

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